Class of "61" Jubilee Class Gift Campaign

Class of 1961 Jubilee Gift: As outlined in our 50th reunion communications, there is a tradition for the Jubilee class to give a Class Gift to support the Prep so that it may continue to fund those students in financial need. FYI, tuition runs about $13,000 per year. After reviewing what the classes have done before us we believe it is appropriate for our class to set the class gift goal at $150,000, slightly more than the class of 1960 which was a record. All pledges can be paid through January 31, 2012. We also have set a classmate participation goal at 70%. This page is designed to monitor our campaign $$$ and % contribution toward our goal progress. Individual contributions will be confidential and handled by the Dir. of Institutional Advancement at the Prep.

Your Donation Counts: As of May 16th, 25 out of 150 eligible donar classmates had participated in our class gift goal. The class gift total of $57,000 represents 38% of our goal. To help us realize our goal, you're participation is encouraged as a way of passing along the "Prep Experience" because we are products and beneficiaries of the "Prep Experience". The dedicated teachers, coaches, and staff guided us from boys in 1957 the young men by 1961. Together, as classmates, we learned (sometimes the hard way) that individual skills were the precursor to success, but also realized that teamwork enabled us to accomplish results far beyond what we could have achieved alone. Our Prep years influenced our integrity, religious convictions, family life, friendships, leadership skills, and acceptance of others. We can all agree that the world needs young men exposed to the "Prep experience" so that they can be prepared (like we were) to compete, lead, and positively contribute to a global society.

Join with your classmates by making a pledge, big or small (but as they say, bigger is better) so that the Prep has the financial means to make it happen for those in need. Please complete the pledge form that was enclosed in your mailing package, and return it in the provided envelope to the Prep. If you have any questions about making non-cash gifts, you can contact the Dir. of Institutional Advancement directly at 973-736-6861.

November 2011 update: All donations to the Prep through January 31,2012 (including the annual giving) will count towards our Class Gift Total.

To download a gift pledge form, click here. Fax to Patrick Donahue at 973-736-3831.

Jubilee Class Gift Campaign Committee Members: Chairman Jeff Gausepohl; members are: Tom Gould, Vince Lupo, Joe Walsh, & Fr.Chris Beirne


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